Stump Removal/ Grinding

UPDATE: Check out a recent stump removal in our News section.


Treewise Tree Services now offer stump removal/grinding. This brand new piece of machinery known as a stump grinder allows a trained professional to grind out the main root plate leaving only fine sawdust.


Why Remove the Stump?

When a tree is felled or falls leaving a stump it can look unsightly and dangerous. By having the stump removed you not only improve the appearance of your property you also free up some space. Leaving a stump can lead to problems with suckering (this is when new shoots arise from the trunk and roots) If the stump is dead it won’t form suckers but it can then play host to root diseases such as Honey Fungus. Honey Fungus is a widespread parasitic fungus that produces clumps of honey-coloured toadstools at the base of trees. This fungus can spread from the dead wood to your still living perennial trees.


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